Te-ao-nui is the NZ Maori phrase for The Great Light.

Our intention is to aid and support people in their search for enlightenment, information, truth and justice. 

All those who search - regardless of denomination or belief, race or culture, language or income - will find what they are on the Earth to find.

Health, understanding, protection, meditation, and discussion is vital to this search. And above all things, Compassion and Love is the Initiator.

Please free to browse our site and contact us for any information at all, on how to purchase any of the products available, or for discussion or a suggestion re a site link or our Blog.

All Welcome Here (Haere Mai).

  • Ormus products - updated regularly with new and newly made liquids, ointments and oils.
  • Crystals - Brazilian source, quartz crystals of all types, polished, points, clusters. For beauty, healing, ritual, and gifts - a living piece of the Earth.
  • Circle cloths - handmade to order, embedded with crystals for protection and beauty, zodiac symbols in gold or silver. For ritual, healing work, or meditation.
  • Coaching - Life coaching locally or online via Skype. Re-align your life with the energies available to you, initiate solutions instead of problems, a sense of achievement instead of a sense of loss. Group sessions also available locally (not via Skype).
  • Blog - check our blog for new and interesting links to current Ascension and Awakening subjects that are available online - for interest, research, or study purpose
Please be sure to check out our blog page regularly, for interesting links and topics, and many different health related subjects and discussions."

Why Ormus:

The Elixir of Life,

The Philosopher's Stone

providing all of the Earth's trace elements free of GM impurities, and from only organic materials and pure distilled New Zealand water.