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Ormus elements are believed to be the life-giving elements found in all living being. They have been one of the best curative sources in alternate medicine as they are believed to rectify many ailments with almost magical powers. Many alternative medicine practitioners state that since our body is made up of these very elements, ORMEs make for natural, holistic healing devices. Since they aren’t made of any synthetic elements, they hardly have any side effects as compared to conventional drugs.
 What Is Ormus?                       

A lot of plants or foods like almonds, aloe vera, apricot kernels, garlic, royal jelly, sheep sorrel, and white pine bark are said to be rich in ORMEs. The holistic benefits of Ormus are many, with a few of them being:

  • RMEs are believed to restore original DNA structure, possibly even assisting in its evolution. This property speeds up the healing process in case of any injury. It also prevents foreign matter from spreading and causing further complications in the body.



Ormus is a super nutrient which also reduces the need for consuming large qualities of food.

Aging is a natural process which cannot be reversed, but Ormus can help in decelerating the aging cycle and curbing its onset. For example, greying hair, wrinkled skin, and other common signs of aging can be slowed down.  Ormus also helps in keeping the brain active and boosts memory even in old age.


Our Teaonui ormus is made in New Zealand with pure distilled NZ water and Dead Sea Salts.

What is Ormus?          
More about Ormus     

ORMEs change our energy field into a super conductor, which helps in generating energy from within. You will notice a tremendous change in your body if you use this alternative form of medicine. Ormus also betters your state of mind and boosts activity levels.

Ormus acts as a powerful cleansing agent and can rid your body of all the harmful toxins that are present within. This helps in preventing many dangerous ailments from surfacing in your system.

Try our Teaonui ormus and discover a new way of feeling!

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