I fully and completely endorse this amazing woman, Manasi Gupta, and her talents - including Reiki therapy massage, personalised mandala's, nutritional counselling, and meditation guidance and workshops.  Please don't hesitate to contact her for any essence of wellbeing that you might desire.       www.ayurveda-mandala.com

For the very best gifts from the shores of beautiful Aotearoa New Zealand, this is the best site bar none for purchasing gifts for family, friends and loved ones which are unique works of art by New Zealand artists, carvers and designers.  All New Zealand made - the very best gift site on the internet without a doubt. 



And for some of the best photography you will find of Auckland, Rangitoto Island, and other areas of New Zealand, please visit her photography website




for absolutel visual delights.   

Introducing the wonderful Jacqueline, Manon and Phillip!  The most amazing and beautiful experience any lightworker can have is a healing session with these wonderful people and their channeled ET contacts and friends.   The link to this wonderful site and these beautiful beings is www.ethealing.nl

"Our vision on our 'work' is more than just a Healing Center with the three us (Jacqueline, Manon and Philip). We believe in a Light Network.
Look what happend to the world since the 'light-net' was introduced.
Imagine what can happen when we connect Lightworkers in a similar way.

The core message of our starfamilies is to get in touch with who you really are (say, ignite your own light), from there to reach out to each other and to remember that we have always been connected.

We have already started ... do you join us?"

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Hurricanes, weather control, man-made diseases, bitcoin fraud, Dr Steven Greer and UFO connections, population control, unequal distribution of the world's wealth, the illegal banking system, how five big corporations run and own the entire planetary economics.......this is one of the best sites you could look at for all of the non-fake news you want and need.  Alexandra Bruce works tirelessly to keep us informed of things you will never here anywhere on the mainstream media.  Support her, subscribe - you will never be ignorant again.   https://forbiddenknowledgetv.net/

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