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While far from flawless, the response here from both the Government and citizenry has achieved the incredible. The response on the Government side must be one of the most successful policy responses to a crisis in generations, achieving what many wealthier and more sophisticated nations can only dream of. Each part of the constellation that is life in this country has held up well: the courts did their bit, looking at cases that probed the legality of the lockdown, the Opposition pushed the Government hard on testing, and border restrictions – most importantly, the citizenry quietly and patiently got on with unimaginable restrictions to our civil liberties. That is now at an end. Those arguing for an early lifting of restrictions for the benefit of the economy now have buffet quantities of egg on their faces, not just because the merits of strict lockdown have been proved in terms of lives saved – the most important metric, but also due to the early signs of optimism from the economy. WE DID GREAT TO ELIMINATE!!

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